Virginia: Historic Triangle

Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg 

I need to find a new way to start these posts because every time I sit down to write these I feel that this latest places was the best, coolest place, we have been so far and we had the most fun in!

Part of that is true, we are having a total blast along this route. Exploring, learning, and growing with each stop. Virginia has been a great surprise to me as all it has to offer in activities. Similar to what we experienced in Massachusetts, there is so much history to learn from, activities to engage with, and stories to grow from.

This week we spent in Williamsburg and traveled to nearby Yorktown and Jamestown. We needed at least two weeks to do all the actives this area has to offer!

First stop was Yorktown. This was a key battlefield in the revolutionary 
war because its the battle we beat England and they surrendered.

Yorktown was a key place I will remember. For the last year, I have had all the Hamilton Broadway songs stuck in my head, and the Battle at Yorktown is a key event in that play. Its the event the turned the world upside down.

Second stop was to Jamestown. There are two main areas to this, the recreated settlement, and the historic place. Both amazing experiences. Amazing to see how these men (and eventually women and children) survived through the harsh weather, and environment. It is crazy to think of the impact these people had on the Native Americans and even us today almost 400 years later.

Finally, we visited Williamsburg. After Jamestown started to outgrown its borders, and Virginia became the main trading post, a new capital was built; Williamsburg.

They have done a great job with Williamsburg, keeping the history vibe and recreating the 18th-century feeling! It was great to see people working on the craftsmanship that was used 300 years ago to build the town. They used the same tools to create and repair the buildings today!

Meet Andy



My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

Meet Kristen



Hi, my name is Kristen! Andy thinks this whole RV thing was his idea, so I just let him think that! 😉Always traveling and exploring new places has been one of my biggest dreams. I guess you can say it's just a part of who I am!

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