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  • March 16, 2018
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A renovation is a lot of work.  Even if it is just a room makeover, that task can seem overwhelming when you are in the middle of it.  Taking out everything in our Class C RV to redo every surface was no small task.  However, I knew if I took it one step at a time we could accomplish anything.

I will quickly cover my thought process in our renovation and how we have gone about accomplishing such a big task.  Make no mistake, this is a lot of work. And you have to finish it once you get started!  There is no turning back.

I am not going to each step of the renovation here, I just want to review how we have managed the renovation itself and how we figured out what to work on next.

Have an end goal in mind

This is important because you need to know what you are working towards.  Kristen has a very clear vision in her head about what she wanted as the end result.  She put together a vision board that contained all colors, samples and everything she wanted to see in the end.


Keep a List of Things To Do

While it sounds simple, it really really important.  Projects of this size seem never-ending especially once all the smaller items need to be complete.  I also found that with all these moving parts it was really easy to forget something.  Some items might need to be ordered, they might need research with multiple options, and this takes an organized hand to complete these in order without issues.  The goal is to only do a task once.  Redoing tasks or taking things apart because something was missed is a BIG pain.

I recommend two digital tools. or

Both are free project management tools that allow you to create list and manage the lists.   For this kind of project, I think Kanban boards are most effective.  You can group things by status and move things in and out of categories as they are started and completed.

When first getting started just write down everything.  You can organize it later.  Write down anything you don’t want to forget or miss later.   Then organize it into how you want to tackle the project.  When trying to figure out what to do next, I would find the item that would make the biggest impact towards my end goal.  I would pick the task that was most likely the most chanallenging first and could create the most amount of change first.

This might not be the best approach, but it kept me going.  I was then able to see the changes I was wanting and starting to see results.   These projects are mentally draining, so creating short-term wins are important morale boosters.


How to Pick the Next Project

I mentioned this above, but I would pick the item that had the biggest change.  This thought process did a few things for me,  it allowed me to have an easy to pick what was next.  When looking at a list of 50 things… that can be hard at times.

If I was trying to figure out what I could do over the next few days, I would look at the master list, and pick 5 things to focus on.  Sometimes these things were grouped by area of RV (bedroom, bathroom, loft, etc) other times, the items I choose was because they all required the same tools.  It allowed my productivity to be as high as possible for those 5 things.

I found that although my ambitions might have been high, accomplishing much more that, was hard to focus on, hard to track, and was just overwhelming.


Final comment, any progress is progress.  I think this is important to tell yourself when you are in the thick of it and it seems like there will never be an end.  Just keep working.  These projects require elbow grease.  Putting in the hours is was makes them get done.  JUST DO IT.


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My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

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