RV Renovation Episode 6

  • January 12, 2018
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Happy New Year! Welcome back for an all-new episode on our RV renovation! In this episode, we discuss finishing the flooring, fitting out the loft space, finishing slide trim, removing and building countertops, and more! We have a lot to cover in this episode, so be sure to check it out!

About the Floors:

The floors are a vinyl flooring that is only .42mm thick.  It fits directly under all the slides and overall is pretty light.  We went with the vinyl option for a couple reasons.  First, it was inexpensive.  We paid $2.29/sqft from The Home Depot which was not the cheapest but pretty close.  Kristen was chasing a certain look and it needed to match it.  The vinyl had an option that was exactly what Kristen was looking for.  Reviewing it, we also found that it created a ‘waterproof’ barrier, it was very durable, and held up very well.

We really wanted the look of a wood floor but were concerned about the weight and the durability. The vinyl option seemed to eliminate those concerns.  For me, I wanted something simple to install that didn’t have tons of steps.  Having a floating floor means it wasn’t glued down you wouldn’t need the extra steps.  Just match the piece to the one next to it and tap it in place.

At the end of the day, I am very happy with how they turned out.  I have never laid any type of flooring before and this was pretty easy.  As with anything, there is a small learning curve, but nothing a few YouTube videos couldn’t help resolve.  If anyone is looking at doing this, I would say it’s on the easier side of some of the other stuff we have done!

First view of flooring in Aurora and OMG it’s amazing!

Slide Trim:

The slide trim was horrible before.  It was this old 80’s style crown molding style stuff.  It had to go.  Ours were just held in place with finishing nails and could be pulled out with just your hands.

After seeing a few motorhome renos online we say a few people that had replaced the slide trim with simple wood boards.  We loved how they turned out and how simple they were.  The trick we had was agreeing on a stain to use.  After going back and forth a few time, we finally found Light Oak.  We found it at Rockler, I think it took Kris 20 mins to decide, but at the end of the day, the color is perfect!

These were pretty easy to get up. A few finishing nails in each one and boom! all done!  I think this is one of the smallest projects, that has a huge impact on the feeling the space gives out.

Loft Work:

The loft is really coming alone.  We made the decision to close the gap above the captain chairs to make more space up above.  We hated having that extra piece that would fill in the gap while driving and not being able to have space be more ‘set’ all the time because you had this big extra cushion you had to work around.

I decided to cut back the subfloor board I had already placed up there, to all a single 1/2 plywood piece to float over the opening with it supported on the 3 sides.  It was a bit tricky to get it to fit since it wasn’t a square opening, but after a few times going back to the saw, I got it into the right shape.  Then nailed it in place.

I wasn’t happy that it still felt very flimsy over the opening so underneath I cut 1×6 boards to length and used pocket screws to hold them in place.  This created a very strong foundation for the subfloor above.  I also screwed the subfloor to the supporting boards and done!

You will see that we also stained a 1×10 to put up front that was originally covered up by some lather wrapped plywood. Its nothing much but didn’t want that horrible looking leather back in so staining a $10 board kept a better, consistent look through the front.

Finally, we laid the rest of the flooring down over the subfloor.

Next will be to finish the floor edges and hand a storage shelf on the side without a window.  We plan to have the kids store school stuff up there and some toys.

New Sinks:

We made a trip to one of our favorite places Ikea in looks for things that might be nice to have in our own tiny space.  We wanted to see if they would have any sinks small enough, and they did!  We found this sink which has a slightly larger footprint that our current sink, but way better laid out with just the one big area instead of two small sections.

We also found a new bathroom sink that will sit directly on top of the new countertop in the bathroom.  It should give us more space to work with.  The way the sink and countertop was laid out before left zero space to be used on countertop.  Hopefully, this will give a bit of space back.  We will see!  More to come on this in future post!

New Countertops:

After much thinking, researching, we came to the conclusion that building the countertops was the best option.  I had always wanted to build a wood countertop and it also seemed like our cheapest option.  To tackle this, I broke the project into two main areas; the kitchen and the bathroom/bedroom.   Each was going to have one countertop ‘slab’ made and then cut to the exact size needed.  Doing all the woodwork in bulk seemed to be the most efficient way to get what we needed.

To make the countertops we are going to use 2×4 to keep up with the authentic look we are going for in the RV.  I do have a quite a few woodworking tools to be fair so I had the equipment already to accomplish the steps below.

I planed each 2×4 to make sure they were all the same thickness.  I planed all 4 sides to make sure each was a close to the same as possible.  Planing them also smooths them out a lot. Reduces the need for sanding quite a bit.

Once they are all the same thickness, I lined up each board and glued them together.  I took a spare wood piece and hammered out boards that didn’t lay flat to create the smoothes surface I could. However, they didn’t not all line up by any stretch. They were close, but there were some high and low point and I plan to sand out once all the glue dries.

At this point, we are left with a big boucher block piece, that looks pretty good.  Now, we are at the starting point of working with any other countertop slab.  Cut to size, cut out sink wholes and mount!

These are still very much a work in progress.  If anyone is interested in more details on this process let me know and I can summerizes this process a bit more in another post.


Roof Maintenance

We didn’t talk about this in the video but we did some general roof maintenance with Dicor to make sure no future leaks would get us.  We had the RV in the shop and they had sealed up the roof and front window, but I wanted to make sure saw with my own eyes all the Dicor was still in good shape! Plus I got this awesome shot from the GoPro timelapes!



That’s where we are this week! As we complete the countertops I hope to do a video solely on how to build them, so if anyone is interested, they can do it too!

See you next episode!


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My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

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