One Week Reflection

We have been in Dublin for a solid week now, and we have all learned so much already.  This first week has been spent getting to know the area a bit more, settling into the house, and learning how to grocery shop.

Here are a few things that we have learned this past week:

  • How to use appliances that are either half the size of those at home or smaller (i.e.: dishwasher, washer/dryer combo)
  • Not setting the house on fire- the first time we cooked in the stove, we thought we were using the correct setting, turns out we were using the broiler and not the fan oven.  Foreign symbols make everything a little more tricky!
  • Google has been our best friend in helping us figure out said foreign symbols- owner’s manuals to foreign appliances are the best!
  • Grocery stores are all within a 15-20 minute walk from the house, which is doable, unless you need a week’s worth of groceries.  We have resorted to online grocery shopping where local stores can deliver these items directly to our door- Yay!
  • Eggs are not refrigerated here, so going to the refrigerated aisle of the store to find eggs, but then finding them on a shelf in an aisle was a little interesting!
  • Kieghan is learning that walking is pretty much the only mode of (free) transportation, and is adjusting to not just jumping in a car to go places.  When he gets tired of walking, he often says, “We can just take a taxi!”  It’s pretty hard to say no as taxis go zipping past you after walking 7 miles, but we are all in this together, and teaching him to push through the walk is never a bad thing!
  • Eating anywhere suitable for children has been by far the hardest.  We recently learned that “cafes” are family/children-friendly, and bars/pubs are a gamble.  Some pubs will allow families with children but will then kick you out at 10 pm.  Also, not all bars and/or pubs serve food.  This was a hard lesson learned after a long walk to a highly rated pub.  Looks like we will stick to cafes and diners, for now.
  • The week is so nice and the weekends are crazy! Venturing north toward the River Liffey, you will often see things (and people!) that will catch you by surprise!  Knowing when local events are taking place is also good to know.  This will ultimately prevent you from looking like an oblivious tourist.
  • Chipotle has a sister branch here!   Although, named Tolteca, they offer similar style food in a similar setting.  Cheese Quesadillas were greeted with big smiles by the kids!
  • City living is so much different than living in the suburbs- noise, people, places.  We are getting used to it though!  It is well worth the city living experience for the reason we are here.
  • Hot water is a hot commodity!  Strategically taking showers, doing laundry and running the dishwasher has yet to be successfully accomplished without the water running cold on us.
  • The weather has been lovely-no rain (yet!)- and therefore, line drying our clothes has been a pretty consistent thing.  If our dryer worked the right way, we probably wouldn’t have to do this, but its really not that big of a deal.  The washer only allows 20 shirts max.
  • Taking a walk around the block is rather relaxing and enjoyable when taking in the sights and sounds Dublin has to offer.
  • IKEA is a long taxi drive away, so getting anything for the house is a trek.  Make sure to take your list, as getting back any time soon will be hard!
  • There is so much history in this city, and so much can be done in a single afternoon.
  • The kids are adjusting to this new way of life rather well!

So far, life in the big city is nothing how we expected it to be.  However, we are enjoying the opportunities that are surrounding us day by day!

We are so excited to be here, in our Irish homeland!

Meet Andy



My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

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Hi, my name is Kristen! Andy thinks this whole RV thing was his idea, so I just let him think that! 😉Always traveling and exploring new places has been one of my biggest dreams. I guess you can say it's just a part of who I am!

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