To Dublin’s Fair City

When we arrived to JFK, it was a bit of a nightmare.  The limo was late picking us up, the traffic was bad, and the service at check-in was worse.  We managed to get checked in to our flight right before the cutoff time, and nearly 45 minutes before take-off.


Fortunately, we were able to go through the TSA Pre-Check and that made security a breeze.  It almost looked like we knew what we were doing this time!  Without having to take anything out, stripping down to the basics, and handling the baby so swiftly, we were able to get through security in about ten minutes!

Fortunately, this left a small amount of time to eat and use the restrooms before boarding the long leg to Dublin!

We boarded onto a commuter plane-turned international flight, but we were only three rows back from the door- Main Cabin Extra, yes please!!  With more leg room and walking room in general for the baby, it felt like this flight was easier to manage.  Kinsler stood next to Kieghan by the window until we took off.  Then we were able to occupy him with games, toys and activities.

Changing diapers on the plane was a breeze.  After reading some other mommy bloggers, I prepackaged disposable (gasp!) diapers into Ziplock bags with a couple of wipes and a puppy pad.  This meant only one bag going in with the baby and no bags coming out!  It was also helpful at the airports, too!

Both boys slept on the plane, as did Andy and I.  We all got about 3-4 hours sleep.  The flight was only 6 hours, and with dinner and breakfast being served time flew rather quickly.  We wound up making a palette for the baby with the extra pillows and blankets, and I packed the sound machine giraffe to help comfort.

It seemed like we were better prepared for this flight than the first.  I guess we were able to use the first leg as a sort of “practice-run” for the longer flight.  It also helped that alcohol was a complimentary beverage at dinner!

All went well on the plane.  Off the plane at baggage claim was a bit of a different story.  With so much luggage to keep track of, there was bound to be a problem somewhere.  Though we never had any pieces lost (Thank goodness!), we did struggle in Dublin to get it all to the prearranged taxi that the company had set up for us.  It also didn’t help that we had no idea where we were going.  This left us dragging all of our bags up and down lifts and through crowds of people until we finally found the right area for the taxi pick-up.  Remember when I said what a nightmare it would be to have to haul all 16 bags through the airport?

Alas, we  did make it to Dublin with no lost bags and four healthy family members!  Phew!  We made it across the world!

Meet Andy



My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

Meet Kristen



Hi, my name is Kristen! Andy thinks this whole RV thing was his idea, so I just let him think that! 😉Always traveling and exploring new places has been one of my biggest dreams. I guess you can say it's just a part of who I am!

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