We’re Leaving on a Jet Plane

6:00 AM rolled around rather quickly, and with a restful night’s sleep, Andy and I were able to get up Friday morning and finish (yes, I said finish!) packing the rest of what we felt needed to travel with us. At this point, we were strictly in the mindset of “just get it into a bag”. If it didn’t fit, it didn’t go.

We were able to finish the packing side of things rather quickly which left us with an hour to clean the rest of the house. It was already in pretty good shape, but be it as we are going to be gone for months at a time, we figured it was worth the extra time to make the house rather spotless. This also meant getting all of our bags by the front door ready for the driver to pick us up.

9:10 AM rolled around, and so did the driver, ina black Suburban. We were hopeful that all bags would fit, but weren’t exactly sold that they would. Did I mention that we had SIXTEEN bags traveling with us? You can imagine our uncertainty and questioning “is it ALL going to fit?”

Rest assured, we were able to cram, like an intricate game of tetris, all of our bags into the back with the third row of seats down to accommodate. Fortunately the kids had their safety seats, and we were on our way to the airport!

We decided that, with the amount of luggage, curbside check-in was best. Can you imagine trying to haul all of those bags through the check-in line inside? Thank goodness for smiles and breaks from the nice American Airlines gentleman at the curb!

As we sat there looking at all of the bags, and trying to determine which would be checked at the curb, which would be checked at the gate, and which to carry-on, we were quite a scene. The nice couple behind us were deciding whether to follow us with their bags. The husband asked his wife if she would rather go inside to check in, but the wife reassured him that we were about done. As men do, he had a pretty funny comeback-“I think they are still waiting for the couch and the bed!” We passed a comment back about moving out to Dublin for the summer, and they quickly understood why we had an unnecessary amount of luggage with us!

Security was a nightmare with TSA and the baby’s drinks, as we had expected.  As we patiently waited for the agents to do vapor tests and a pat down, we noticed that our departure gate was right in front of the security line.

Phew! We made it to the gate.  Here we come New York!

Meet Andy



My name is Andy, the one with the crazy idea to start this adventure. It's my goal to document this journey the best I can for our memories to last forever!

Meet Kristen



Hi, my name is Kristen! Andy thinks this whole RV thing was his idea, so I just let him think that! 😉Always traveling and exploring new places has been one of my biggest dreams. I guess you can say it's just a part of who I am!

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