RV Renovation Week 2

Check out this week’s video here:  Week two, we continue working on painting the RV.  We are able to get the whole main area painted with both colors completed!


RV Renovation Week 1

View this week’s video here:  WHAT ARE WE DOING?! We bought our Class C Coachmen Freelander RV about 6 months ago and immediately fell in love with the freedom and travel it gave us.  However, it wasn’t quite how we envisioned our new tiny house on wheels, so we decided to do some updates!… Read More RV Renovation Week 1


RV Remodel and Upkeep

We have collected all our RV posts to here.  Our travels will be located on another page here.  This area is all about our RV, the renovation, continued work on it, and anything else that comes up.