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Mount Vernon, Rock Creek Park, and Air & Space Hanger

Virginia was a great place of new and old adventures. Visiting Rock Creek National Park with beautiful trees, birds, and other animals, to historic Mount Vernon, to the latest display of technology in the Air & Space Museum.

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One of our favorite stops to date has been Mount Vernon. While, this location would not have meant so much to us had we hit this stop first… learning so much US history, seeing its battle scares, and learning about all the important people that shipped where we live today, Mount Vernon was a climax to this story line. This majestic place, is quite a site even by todays standards.

Visiting a more modern part of history, the Air & Space Hanger was unforgettable! Every plane you have heard of! From a model of the First Write Brother plane all the way through the Space Shuttle!

Finally, we were in Washington DC! We had to go to the Mall! A true highlight was seeing my cousin Lilia!

Watch the vlog here!