The Northern Shores of Ireland

Cruising the Coastline, Pt. 2

Continuing down the Causeway Coastal Tour…

A drive through Ballygally, Glenarm and Camlough offered us a stop for a bite to eat at the Glencoy Inn.  It was a nice spot to take a break and refuel all the tummies in the car.  We also had some fun playing on the big rocks at Garron Point and watching the waves crash up into our feet!

Next, we ventured off the main path along the scenic path to Torr Head.  There, the highest point in Ireland stands towering over the ocean with views to Scotland.  The path here was not an easy feat as the roads were small and narrow.  Our car fit across the majority of the two lane road, if not taking up the entire road.  Passing cars meant either backing up on a steep hill or squeezing as far off the road as you could manage while not going over the edge into the ocean.  Trail Ridge Road in Estes Park, Colorado had nothing on these roads!

Onward to our final stop, Giant’s Causeway!

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