W. Ireland

Westward Woes

I have struggled to find the best way to write this post.  Finding the right words to describe our weekend last weekend has proven to be quite difficult.  Maybe it’s that we are a little embarrassed with some of the choices we made, or maybe it wasn’t as eventful as some of our other adventures thus… Read More Westward Woes

Life in Dublin

An Afternoon on the Pier

The Murphy clan caught a train Sunday afternoon to a town northeast of Dublin, the coastal town of Howth (pronounced Hote).  [codepeople-post-map] Though it was a cloudy (and rainy) afternoon, we managed to have a great time!  From the train, we noticed that there was a large beach right next to the train station, Claremont Beach. … Read More An Afternoon on the Pier

The Northern Shores of Ireland

Into the Giant’s Cove

[codepeople-post-map]   Our final destination along The Causeway Coastal Tour landed us at The Giant’s Causeway.  From the stones in the car park to the columns encasing the Visitor Centre, the hexagonal theme greeted us right from the beginning, leading us to the final causeway that inspired the honeycomb shapes. We gathered our tickets at the Visitor Centre where… Read More Into the Giant’s Cove