Life in Dublin

All Aboard: B. E. Cuauhtemoc!

All Aboard!  The B. E. Cuauhtemoc has anchored in Port Dublin!

This tall ship set sail from Acapulco, Mexico and docked for five days in the Port Dublin.  The ship is a traditional naval training vessel, and it was boarded with a full crew and a full agenda to seek port in England, France, and the Carribbeans.

While in town, the ship was opened to the public for visiting and viewing.  As a sort of Father’s Day activity, we all ventured over to the port  to see what the ship had to offer.

I must say, the pictures really don’t give the ship much justice for it’s soaring sails and fine detailed woodwork around the deck of the ship!

This was such a treat for all of us to see and explore!  I think the boys had a great time, too!