Life in Dublin

Locking Our Eyes on the Canal

Our house is situated within a two minute walk of the canal system that runs through South Dublin.  Small boats, mostly party and special event boats, will travel up and down the canal from time to time.

Locks are found at the bridge crossways, and tonight we enjoyed watching “Guinness” move through the lock right next to our house!  Kieghan was so excited, as were we, to watch the lock fill up with water and raise the boat to the canal height on the proceeding side.

We have been told that to catch an event like this on the canal is rare and hard to come by.  You’d be lucky if you ever saw a boat go through the locks.  You really have to be in the right place at the right time, and this time, we were.

It seemed to be a rather big deal as other passers-by also stopped to gawk at the intricate and very precise duties of the boatsmen.  It was a rather fascinating event to watch first hand.

What an experience to watch for the whole family!