Life in Dublin

IKEA Dublin

Packing for this trip meant we weren’t going to be able to bring everything with us.  We knew that going into it, but we also knew that we were moving to a rather large city that has stores and shops where we would be able to (hopefully) find the things we needed.

Insert: Ikea Dublin.

Knowing and loving Ikea back home made this decision quite easy for us.  We made a quick list of things we needed, asked around to find the best way out to Ikea Dublin, and hopped in a taxi and were on our way.

The Ikea, from the outside, looked much larger than the one back home.  Inside, like Ikea Dallas, was set up with a designated showroom, marketplace and warehouse.  Much to our surprise, however, was the lack of organization from one area to the next.  It felt smaller inside, but then again, we were being pushed upstream like a school of salmon.

It was fun to see the differences, and now that we are living in a European city, how this small, IKEA-sized lifestyle is quite suitable to the small spaces we are encountering.

We managed to leave with a rather full trolley (shopping cart) of everything we needed.  From a changing table to kids’ dishes, from laundry hampers to a table for Andy’s desk- we managed to get everything we needed in one trip (and back into a taxi)!