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This Is Our Temporary Home

Upon arrival to our house in Leeson Place, we were met by one of our darling landlords who took us on a quick tour of the house to show us where everything was and how things worked.  He was so generous, and didn’t want to take anymore of our time than he had to.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and organizing.  The good news, the house was bigger than we had remembered.  This was a much better mindset than the opposite.  The trick for us was going to be downsizing from a 2,900 square foot house to an 1,100 square foot townhouse, but I think we will be able to manage.

A fun fact about the house we are staying in is that it is over 100 years old, though newly renovated on the inside.  Brilliant!

You can find some house pictures below to get an idea of where we are staying.

Our first night in Dublin, we chose to visit the St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre in search for a stroller and grab a bite to eat.  It was nice being able to get out of the house and stretch our legs for a time.

When we arrived back home, we did some minor rearranging to maximize space for the functionality of our family.  You know, Murphy style!

It is the beginning of a long week ahead!