Layover in Huntington

Measuring Up!

“The Door” as it is so simply called at 33 is a much anticipated activity to do each and every time we visit.  The door dates back to December 1899 to include Byron Sammis, Andy’s great-grandfather.

When looking at the pictures, take note at how many lines are penciled on the door.  Each line is a measurement of every family member in the direct bloodline of Byron.  Wow!

Obviously Andy is on the door a few times, and Kieghan has been measured three times now.  The cool thing was putting the newest member of the family, Kinsler, on the door this time.  He wasn’t too sure of what was going on, but all he knew is he really wanted to help hold the ruler and the pencil.

I think that the coolest part of the door, besides the amount of history it has on it, is the ability to compare measurements of younger generations to older ones and vice versa.

No wonder this door is so popular!   Don’t you want to be on the door, too?