Adventures, Layover in Huntington

Special Times with a Special Lady

It’s always a great time at 33, but without Papa, it was even more important for us to spend some quality time with Grammie before heading out to Ireland.  Time is just so precious.

We had a great time over the weekend, catching up on what’s been going on, helping iron out some little details, and also allowing the boys to meet (for Kinsler) and spend some time with their great-grandmother.

Kieghan enjoyed running around the property and giving Grammie a Kieghan tour of her own yard.  She was such a great sport, but we had to tell Kieghan that Grammie needed a break!

We dined on some wonderfully fresh swordfish, shrimp and crab cakes.  The seafood is just so fresh, it’s hard to pass up.  For me, it’s a bit of a necessity while we are in town.

We all had a list of things to do Saturday, fortunately most of those items were the same activity.  We went to the cemetery to see Papa and lay some fresh-cut flowers from Grammie’s garden, ventured over to Michaels/Buy Buy Baby, and spent time in the cottage to watch the horse race and see American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown live!


We had a lovely visit with Marge while we were there, and she also stayed to watch the race with us.  It was fun to learn that the race was taking place not so far from where we were-about 20-25 minutes away!  How exciting to watch history live on T.V.  The last time the Triple Crown was awarded was 37 years ago.   Amazing!

Sunday was spent hanging out at 33 and making sure laundry was done and bags were packed.  We were picked up by another stretch limo to take us to JFK.


We were sad to leave Grammie, but we hope to be back soon!