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One Small Step of Preparation, One Giant Leap of Faith | Summer in Ireland

An extended stay.  A long vacation.  A home away from home.  A temporary relocation.  All of these have one thing in common:

Going abroad.

This family of four is preparing to embark on an opportunity, or rather an adventure, that will challenge us, strengthen us, humble us, and most of all allow us to  experience something new.

So, where are we going, you may ask?  A little green island named Ireland.  Dublin, Ireland to be exact.

In Dublin’s fair city we will be taking residence in a small townhouse, called a mews, within walking distance to everything Dublin has to offer for the next three months.  Though it be an exciting opportunity, we are slowly and methodically trying to prepare for our time on the Emerald Isle.

Passports in hand.  Suitcases in a row.  Lists that have been checked more than twice.  Doctors appointments attended.  Shopping orders placed and received.  All of the pieces to this colossal puzzle are finally starting to fall right into place.

Getting ready for a (temporary) move across the ocean is not only an exciting opportunity to spread our wings a little further out, but also an anxious time of what to pack and what to store.

So for now, as we continue to prepare for an epic family adventure, we are taking one small step in preparing ourselves for the trip while also taking one giant leap of faith.

May the road rise up to meet you!