Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom

Day 2 of Disney: Animal Kingdom!

After a long, successful day at Magic Kingdom on day one, we decided to slow it down a little and visit Animal Kingdom.

Kristen and Kieghan were pretty excited to brave a jeep expedition on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, explore a bug’s life in the It’s Tough to be a Bug experience under the Tree of Life, and save a dinosaur from extinction on the Dinosaur ride!

In addition to all of the main attractions, we enjoyed a brief lunch at the Rainforest Cafe .  It was so much fun sitting next to a waterfall and monkeys while we ate!

After lunch, we decided to enter the world of The Lion King, where singing, dancing, and animals came to life.  We were all excited to see Simba, Pumba, and Timon in the show as well! We sat in the elephant section, so we got pretty used to raising our trunks like one.  Kieghan had an amazing, magical moment when he was chosen from our section to play a percussion instrument and join a parade in center stage!  He was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when he returned to us in the stands!

Next stop…Olivia’s and more!